Level-0 Documentation

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LHCb notes

Calorimeter The Trigger part of the Calorimeter Front-End Card LHCb 2003-037
  The Validation Card for the L0 Calorimeter Trigger LHCb 2003-120
  The Selection Crate for the L0 Calorimeter Trigger LHCb 2003-095
Muon Radiation hardness of the optical ribbon transmitter for the level-0 muon trigger LHCb 2004-013
  High speed ribbon optical link for the level 0 muon trigger LHCb 2003-008
  A realistic algorithm for the level 0 muon trigger LHCb 2002-042
  A synchronous architecture for the L0 muon trigger LHCb 2001-010
Pile-Up Pile-up system simulations LHCb 2003-070
Decision Unit Level-0 decision unit for LHCb LHCb 2003-065

EDMS Documents

Calorimeter Connections in the L0 Calorimeter Trigger EDMS 525625
  The Optical Transmitters for the LHCb Calorimeters EDMS 528243
Muon Detailed Specification of the ODE-Muon Trigger interface EDMS 486833
Decision Unit Specification of the L0DU-ODIN link EDMS 478756
  Specifications of L0DU trigger input and output EDMS 528259

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