L1 and HLT tracking

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Meeting 11 February 2004

Meeting 13 January 2004

  • Agenda
  • Release of the tracking part (up to, including Velo-TT) imminent, pending last clean-up and Gaudi v14 release. In fact the code has been given to Marco on Thursday 15 January. Speed is as good as expected, near twice as fast as the TDR version.
  • Muon matching and L1Decision still missing, will be worked on using the L1Buffer now  in Boole's output.
  • Jose will start working on long tracks for HLT, in view also of using them in L1.

Meeting 9 December 2003

L1-HLT Tracking workshop 22-24 October 2003

Action list from the workshop

  • Hans: Find reference to the PV search without beam line constraint.
  • Thomas: Can TELL1 produce the L1 data in the HLT event, to guarantee that we have the real L1 inputs offline ?
Task Who is in charge Target date
Velo and TT data in L1 buffer Niels + SD experts End November
Event model - Tool for data management Jose and Olivier End November
Velo tracking, 2D and 3D Mariusz and Jose January 2004
Vertexing Mariusz (2D) and Eduardo (3D) January 2004
Velo to TT Mariusz January 2004
L1 match to L0 objects and Muon Lausanne  
L1 decision Thomas  
Long Tracks Olivier  
Testing tools    
Monitoring and Checking tools   End November
Gaudi helpers Jose