Vertex trigger

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The Vertex Trigger project covers the development of the vertex topology trigger using the data from vertex detector. This project is part of the overall LHCb trigger project.

Hot news

  • Vertex Detector Data Model note released! (pdf)
  • Vertex Detector ODE workshop with many L1 vertex trigger related talks. Presentations by M.Koratzinos(pdf) [more to follow]

Relevant documents & presentations

  • Talk By J-P. Dufey on LHCb Trigger/DAQ at the ESSONE workshop, Paris, September 1998 (pdf)
  • Studies of track finding using the silicon detector by Thomas Ruf (a series of documets)
  • Ideas on DSP evaluation (pdf) J.Buytaert and H. Muller.
  • Event building in L1 (pdf) J.P.Dufey
  • EVITech plans, July 98, Oleg Bouianov(pdf)
  • Myrinet evaluation, B. Jost(pdf)
  • Proposal to test feasibility of SCI for L1, J. Buytaert (pdf)
  • Vertex trigger, June 98, P. Mato/M. Koratzinos (pdf)
  • Vertex Trigger Implementation, July 98, P.Mato (pdf)
  • L1 vertex trigger algorithm, July 98, T.Ruf(pdf)
  • Thoughts on algorithm (pdf) and simulation (pdf), July 98, P. Maley

Program of Work and Activities (to be revised)

  • Overall project planning (see chart)
  • Physics Algorithm development
  • System modelling
  • Algorithm implementation
  • Off-detector electronics ODE interface
  • Network Switch
    • SCI evaluation
    • Myrinet evaluation
    • Custom solution evaluation
  • CPU Subfarm
    • DSP evaluation
    • Single sub-farm prototype
  • Local Vertex trigger processor


  • Vertex Trigger R&D mini-Workshop, November 14, 1998.A full collection of presentations can be found in the LHCb secretariat. Some documents are online: Agenda, Presentations by  T.Ruf (html),M. Koratzinos(ppt,pdf),  V.Lindenstruth (html)
  • Vertex Trigger R&D mini-Workshop, July 22, 1998. Agenda, Transparencies
  • Vertex trigger: R&D activities and planning, LHCb week, June 1998 (ps, pdf, ppt)

Relevant LHCb  notes (from 1997 onwards)

  • LHCB 97-06, TRIG  Ideas on a 1st level multi-track r-F vertec trigger processor (pdf), H. Muller et al.
  • LHCb 97-016, TRIG  The use of Silicon detectors for primary vertex reconstruction and pile-up rejection (2nd version), M. van Beuzekom et al, 20.1998
  • LHCb 98-006, TRIG  The L1 vertex trigger algorithm and its performance (ps file)(abstract), H. Dijkstra and T. Ruf, 22.1.1998
  • LHCb 98-012, TRIG Vertex detector trigger alignment requirements (ps file)(abstract), M. Koratzinos and T. Ruf, 29.1.1998
  • LHCb 98-022, TRIG An all-software implementation of the vertex trigger (ps file)(abstract), M. Koratzinos and P. Mato, 5.2.1998
  • LHCb 98-033, TRIG Vertex trigger implementation using shared memory technology (ps file)(abstract), H. Muller, 8.12.1997(given 10.2.1998)
  • LHCb 98-061, TRIG Multiple interaction tagging on the level 1 vertex trigger algorithm (ps file)(abstract), M. Koratzinos, 22.9.1998
  • User Requirements Document
    1. Version 1, June 1997 [ps, pdf]

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