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LHCB Trigger Meeting

From: strauman@physi.uni-heidelberg.de
Date: 10/23/97
Time: 8:46:53 AM
Remote Name:
Remote User: Ueli Straumann


Dear Colleagues

The next trigger meeting will be on

Thursday, October 30, 1997, 1000h - 1800h at CERN *************************************************

Room and details of the agenda will be announced later.

We should have presentations of each of the subgroups, basically along the lines of the various notes being prepared. (My present knowledge of the status I copy below).

In addition we should have a discussion about how to proceed to arrive at a baseline option for the global trigger strategy.

Many greetings Ueli


List of Trigger Notes to be written as reference for the technical proposal. ============================================================================

last updated on Oct 21, 1997 Drafts to be available Oct 26, 1997 Next trigger meeting Oct 30, 1997

Paper Responsibles Status


Muon trigger performance Brad Cox confirmed

Muon trigger implementation Brad Cox confirmed

Calorimeter trigger (electron and hadron) performance Ivan Korolko Sergio Conetti confirmed

Calo trigger implementation, baseline design (3D-Flow) Dario Crosetto Sergio Conetti confirmed

Feasability of using HERA-B ECAL trigger concept in LHC-B Marco Bruschi progr. rep. avail.

Other options for L0 Trigger implementations (?) (Orsay, Marseilles) ?

Level 0 pile-up rejection (Calo and vertex) Guy Wilkinson Nikolai Zaitsev paper available

Vertex pile-up for level 0 trigger (NIKHEF) paper available

Tracking Trigger performance Peter Schleper dataflow diagram av. and impelmentation Michael Cuje layout fixed. Ueli Straumann plots mostly avail.

Vertex Trigger (set of papers) Thomas Ruf et al. ?

Level 2 performance John Holt paper layout avail. Frederic Teubert Ian Richard Tomalin

Level 3 performance Alex Nippe some prel. results exp. Guy Wilkinson Patrick Koppenburg

Global trigger performance and Peter Schleper final simulation optimization Claire Shepherd.-T. program not finished yet. Guy Wilkinson Hans Dijkstra

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