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updated trigger notes

Date: 12/4/97
Time: 1:11:25 PM
Remote Name:
Remote User: lhcb


Dear colleagues

I have updated the list of trigger notes in the usual place on the www


I also add below the status of the notes as far as I know them. Please hurry up for those who are still working!

Many greetings Ueli


List of Trigger Notes to be written as reference for the technical proposal. ============================================================================

last updated on Dec 4, 1997

Statistics: #papers planned 18 final version 5 drafts or plots available 7 promissed 'soon' 6

Paper Authors Status ----------------------------------------------------------------

Muon trigger performance Brad Cox draft available ~gcorti/public/cox/muon_trigger_tp_v1.ps

Muon trigger implementation Brad Cox draft available ~gcorti/public/cox/muon_3dflow_tp_v1.ps

Alternative option for Muon Trigger (Marseilles) av. end of November

Calorimeter trigger (electron and hadron) performance Ivan Korolko Sergio Conetti confirmed

"High ET photon trigger" G. Kostiina and Lhc-B/97-015 P. Pakhlov ~lhcbsec/public/97-015.ps

Calo trigger implementation, baseline design (3D-Flow) Dario Crosetto Sergio Conetti confirmed Feasability of using HERA-B ECAL trigger concept in LHC-B Marco Bruschi progr. rep. avail.

Other options for L0 Trigger Orsay implementations (?) D. Breton et al. 97-021.ps

Level 0 pile-up / optimal Lumi (Calo and vertex) Guy Wilkinson Nikolai Zaitsev paper avail. 97-014.ps

Level 0 vertex pileup NIKHEF paper available and primary vertex det. M. van Beuzekom et al. /afs/cern.ch/user/l/lhcbsec/public/97-016-2.ps

Vertex Trigger: Readout: J. Buytaert, H. Dijkstra, H. Mueller H. Dijkstra started

Comparison of analog and binary readout versus physics: P.Koppenburg, 07-020.ps

Trigger algorithm and physics performance: T. Ruf (draft exists, namely H. Dijkstra our february note.)

Trigger Implementation: J.Buytaert, H.Mueller, M. Koratzinos and P. Mato: document worked on.

Tracking Trigger performance Peter Schleper almost final draft and impelmentation Michael Cuje Ueli Straumann

Level 2 performance John Holt draft available Frederic Teubert ~pjholt/public/level2.ps Ian Richard Tomalin

Level 3 performance Alex Nippe some prel. results exp. Guy Wilkinson Patrick Koppenburg

Global trigger performance and Peter Schleper final simulation optimization Claire Shepherd.-T. program not finished yet. Guy Wilkinson Hans Dijkstra

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