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Trigger R&D discussion

Date: 6/10/98
Time: 9:02:40 AM
Remote Name:
Remote User: CERN\evh


Dear trigger friends, during the trigger session in the LHCb week (Tuesday June 16, 9-13h, B32/1-A24) we have to start the discussion on the trigger R&D plans till the Technical Design Report. In the short term we have to come up with a R&D plan before the next meeting with the LHCC referees (July 7-8), and after the approval of LHCb we have to probably have a more detailed R&D plan including the distribution of work over the institutes. The presentations of R&D and milestones will start at 10:30. For the case there are still several implementation options (L0) we should concentrate on what to do up till a decision is taken (and when to take it).

Please let me know if you want to present something a.s.a.p. and how much time you will need approximately.

I clearly expect the following as a minimum: L0 . 3D flow . calorimeter trigger implementation a la HERA-B . calorimeter trigger Orsay implementaton . muon trigger Marseille implementation . pile-up veto . L0 decision box? L1 . vertex . track

The L2/L3 triggers we do not consider, their implementation is a DAQ problem, and their olgorithms are treated by the physics group.

Regards, Hans Dijkstra.

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