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b-production subgroup of LHC workshop

From: Olivier.Schneider@cern.ch
Date: 12/7/98
Time: 10:08:22 AM
Remote Name:
Remote User: lhcb


Dear colleagues,

As announced some time ago and also in the last physics meeting, there will be next year a workshop on Standard Model physics at LHC. For more details see


The b-production subgroup is in the process of putting together a list of topics to be studied; so far we have the following topics:

Dynamics of central and forward production high-pt and low-pt production

b-jets, fragmentation, QCD studies

Structure function uncertainties

Resummation problems, small-x effects

Total cross-section

(Fake) asymmetries


Diffractive production of heavy flavour

Monte Carlo models

The b-production subgroup is planning to have its first meeting on January 14, 1999 (a day before the B-decays subgroup). The agenda will hopefully include small presentations of the detectors, in relation to heavy flavour production physics, as well as reviews of the most relevant topics in heavy flavour production. Presentations on work that has already been done inside the collaborations are of course welcome.

Understanding the b production at LHC is certainly important for our experiment; our event yields, trigger performance and detector occupancy depend obviously on the characteristics of the b production (and also minimum bias production); furthermore, some of the issues might be special to LHCb and not be of so much concern for ALTAS and CMS. This is why the LHCb participation in that subgroup of the workshop is important.

If you are interested in the activities of the b-production subgroup, please let me know, so that we can add your name to our e-mail distribution list. Also your comments on the above list of topics are welcome, especially if you think that something is missing that's relevant for LHCb. It would be nice if several LHCb persons could take an active participation in the workshop, i.e. be involved in some of the b-production studies over the next year. So please contact me if you are willing to contribute.

Thank you,


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