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lhcb-trig LHCb week trigger meeting

Date: 2/2/99
Time: 3:24:22 PM
Remote Name:
Remote User: lhcb


During the next LHCb week the trigger meeting is planned for Tuesday 16.Feb 9:00-13:00 Trigger (H.Dijkstra)

For L0 I would like people to go over the requirements list as distributed last year. In case you deleted it from your mailbox see: http://lhcb.cern.ch/trigger/_trigger/00000021.htm Then please contact the relevant conveners of the tasks: real-estate/latency/synchronization/algorithms and inform them about your progress on these items BEFORE the LHCb week! Then the task-conveners can try to give an overview of our present understanding of the progress, and start a discussion on what is missing during the meeting.

For L1 a pre-meeting is planned on Friday Feb 12 (organized by Mike Koratzinos), and during the actual LHCb trigger meeting we should try to present the conclusions from this pre-meeting.

I you think that you are special (which is of coarse true!), and you need to give a presentation during the trigger meeting: then please let me know what you want to talk about, and how much time you need.

I'll try to assemble a preliminary program by the middle of next week.

Regards, Hans Dijkstra.

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