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Program of work and activities

Several possible implementations of the muon and calorimeter triggers were investigated according to well defined requirements such as 'real estate', 'latency','synchronisation'.   Other considerations were the availability of resources to support the proposals.

In the June 1999 collaboration week the LHCb management supported the conclusion drawn by the trigger groupsubcommittee and  the Technical Board that the Bologna and Orsay groups should be invited to work for the trigger TDR based on a joint calorimeter trigger implementation.

Similarly  the  LHCb management decided that the Marseille group should be invited to work toward the trigger TDR for the muon trigger implementation, in close collaboration with the muon
subsystem group.

The Collaboration Board endorsed these decisions at the June 1999 meeting.

Level-0 Latency                       Level-0 Milestones




Working meetings are generally held during LHCb weeks. There are also 'ad hoc' meetings according to demand.

High pt Calorimeter Trigger (notes and presentations)


LHCb 97-021, TRIG --- An alternative high pt electron trigger for LHCb (ps file)(abstract), D. Breton et al., 3.12.1997

LHCb 97-015, TRIG --- High ET photon trigger (ps file)(abstract), G. Kostina and P. Pakhlov, 14.10.1997

LHCb 98-034, TRIG --- The HERA-B electromagnetic pre-trigger and its possible adaptations to the LHCb level-0 calorimeter trigger (ps file)(abstract), V. Alberico et al., 10.2.1998

The 2*2 Level 0 Calorimeter Trigger (powerpoint),O Callot, 16 June, 1998

LHCb 98-058, TRIG --- An alternative high PT electron and hadron trigger for LHCb (ps file)(abstract), The LAL Group, 4.9.1998

LHCb 98-014, TRIG --- Performance of the LHCb calorimeter triggers (ps file)(abstract), S. Conetti et al.,9.10.1998

LHCb 99-004, TRIG, INTERNAL NOTE --- LHCb base-line level-0 trigger 3D-flow implementation (pdf file) (abstract), D. B.
Crosetto, 3.6.1999

LHCb 99-006, TRIG, INTERNAL NOTE --- Detailed design of the digital electronics interfacing detectors, first-level triggers,
and higher levels of trigger with flexible configuration parameters (pdf file)(abstract), D.B. Crosetto, 3.6.1999

LHCb 99-007,TRIG---AnUpdate of the 2*2 Implementation for the Level 0 Calorimeter Triggers(abstract)(ps file), The LAL Group(C Beigbeder et al),29 April 1999

LHCb 99-013, TRIG --- Proposal for a level 0 calorimeter trigger system for LHCb

(ps file)(abstract), A. Bertin et al., 11.6.1999

LHCb 99-017, TRIG, INTERNAL NOTE --- A joint proposal for the level 0 calorimetric triggers (ps file)(ps.gz file)(abstract),
C. Beigbeder et al., 7.6.1999

Muon Trigger (notes and presentations)

LHCB 97-01, TRIG --- LHC-B Muon Trigger (ps file) (abstract), G. Corti and B. Cox

LHCb 97-007, TRIG--- Study of the LHCb muon trigger, (pdf)(abstract) M. Borkovsky et al, 15.4.1997

LHCb 97-013, EXPT --- LHC generated muons background on LHCb (ps file), I. Azhgirey and V. Talanov, 23.9.1997

LHCb 97-024, TRIG --- An alternative architecture of the L0(m) processor (ps file)(abstract), A. Aslanides, B. Dinkespiler, R. Le Gac, M. Menouni and R. Potheau, 19.12.1997

LHCb 98-001, TRIG-MUON --- An implementation of the LHCb level 0 muon trigger using the 3D-flow ASIC, G. Corti et al. (ps file)(abstract), 20.2.1998

LHCb 98-002, TRIG-MUON --- The LHCb level 0 muon trigger (ps file)(abstract), M. Borkovsky et al ., 20.2.1998

LHCb 99-008,TRIG-MUON-- The L-0 Muon Processor (E Aslinides et al,Marseille,May 6,1999),(ps file)(abstract)


Rapporteur presentations and notes for L0 evaluations

  • Synchronisation

    3D Design and first observations on synchronisation, (Dec 2nd 1998, Dario Crosetto, html)

    Synchronisation for L0 trigger, (Feb 16 1999,Yuri  Ermoline),pdf


LHCb 99-019, TRIG , INTERNAL NOTE --- Status of the L0 trigger decision unit design (ps file)(ps.gz file)(abstract), R.
Cornat et al., 14.6.1999

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