Level-0 Project

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The Level-0 Project  is led by Renaud Le Gac.

This project is in charge of simulating, building, commissioning and operating the first trigger level. The Level-0 trigger is made of four components

  • The L0 Calorimeter Trigger
  • The L0 Muon Trigger
  • The Pile-Up System
  • The L0 Decision Unit.

Documents describing the systems can be accessed here.

Mailing list "lhcb-trig-l0": send to the list  or read the Archives

Recent meetings and presentation

LHCC Comprehensive review 31 January 2005 Presentation
Electronics and L0, LHCb week 29 November 2004 Agenda
L0 Workshop 27 October 2004 Agenda
Electronics and L0, LHCb week in Chia 29 September 2004 Agenda

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